Tana Bowcut

As calm and collected as I may seem, underneath the facade is a world of creativity and excitement just waiting to greet you! Growing up, if I were asked what my favorite color was, my response would be, “PINK AND PURPLE SPARKLES” and if that doesn’t describe me to a T, I don’t know what would!

I am a lover of all things creative which seriously impacts my passion for hair! Every client has their own perfectly orchestrated color, cut, and style, so no two services will ever be the same! My creative side THRIVES off the endless opportunities to tap into my imagination with each individual that sits in my chair! Have you ever had a stylist that was more passionate about your hair than yourself? You do now!


I strive to be the best at helping you feel the best!! Not only with  beautiful hair, but your entire time at the salon! Come relax with a welcoming atmosphere, good music, and a killer head massage during your shampoo! Basically, if you aren’t leaving feeling better than you did when you arrived, I didn’t do my job!

Outside of the salon, I keep fulfilling my creative passion with all sorts of watercolor painting, photography, and music! All while chasing around my busy toddler, Houston! My family is my everything! My husband, Dawson is in the sports medicine field and is a giant sports fan which definitely creates the balance in our relationship! 

While my favorite color may not be pink and purple sparkles anymore, I sure love all blondes and color!