If you must cancel or change your appointment it is extremely important that you do so at least 36 hours in advance by contacting us via email or phone. You will receive an email confirmation and text reminder. If you do not confirm your appointment it is still your responsibility to come to your appointment. Often times, we double-book, but we do not overbook my clients.  If you do not come in for your appointment, another client who might be waiting to get a service cannot use that time slot.  For that reason, if you do not cancel your appointment 36 hours in advance you will be charged for that missed appointment.  Charges for missed appointments must be paid before the next scheduled visit.  At our discretion services may be denied to clients who miss several appointments.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we try to provide you with the best hair care services possible.


Late Arrivals

We respect your time and take pride in running consistently on schedule, however if we are running behind we will do our best to let you know and ask the same from you.  Please call to let us know you're running late.  Appointments started 15 minutes or later may need to be rescheduled or the blow dry style omitted.

For those who arrive to their scheduled appointments consistently tardy we will add a cushion to not inconvenience our clients the rest of the day by running behind.  If a 15 minute cushion is required for your appointment there will be an additional $10-15 fee for that time.​​​​​


If you have any issues with your hair, please let your stylist know with in a week of your visit and we will do our best to resolve those issues.

We only guarantee color work and extensions if products are purchased from Fringe, The Styling Salon. When products are purchased elsewhere, especially online or drugstore/retail stores, we have no idea what they truly are and how they will affect your color.