Heather Judd......Queen Diva

I have been a proud member of the Pocatello community most of her life. I love the mentality and community of SouthEastern Idaho. There aren't many places you can still borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbor and be somewhere significant within 3 hours. 

I have been a licensed comsetologist since 1994. I am constantly learning and improving my craft in order to elevate the services I provide. I have a passion for education. One of the ways I have taken this to the next level is through education. Ir believe you must commit to continuing education to keep growing. I dedicate a significant portion of my budget to classes each year. But I also teach and coach other stylists. I am an Artistic Specialist with ColorProof Evolved Color Care and Love sharing my passion in salons and classes nationally. I also coach stylists to improve their own businesses.


I also have a solid understanding of the color wheel. It is the foundation of all coloring. I know just how to use this knowledge in formulating any color and color correction. I have spent hours training and implementing Balayage techniques. There is something so satisfying in a Beautiful blended foil look, as well. Blonding is my specialty, but there isn't a color I haven't met and not mastered. Another aspect I believe is key is making sure the color and cut are designed to work together! This is important when you want that next level Hair Look. 

In my spare time, I Love to perform on local stages. You may have seen me singing my heart out or playing one of the many 'Crazy Lady' roles I have enjoyed. I have shared the stage with each of my 4 children and wouldn't trade the experiences for anything. My babies are what light up my life. I'm told my  eyes twinkle when I talk about them. Mama is my favorite role. I'm Mama to many! I'm Mama in my theatre world,  education pursuits, to my children's friends, to many stylists I've mentored, and Motorcycle Mama! Yep....I LOVE my Harley! 

I Love to make my clients feel as Amazing as I make their hair look!

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Proudly serving Pocatello since 1998!

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